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    Re: [RC] teenage horse thing - Rides 2 Far

     other times she walks 
    > away from me hiding behind the other horses,trotting from one end to 
    > the other. 
    If she's low on the totem pole she may be afraid to be caught for fear
    she'll be vulnerable to the dominent horses while confined from running
    away.  In our field both Welsh ponies pick on the most recent arrival, an
    Arabian (O.K. he's been here 2 years but he's still the new guy in their
    book).  The Arab will not let us walk up to him until the Welsh ponies
    are caught and tied up, then he happily surrenders.  There's still
    another pal in the field so it's not that he's afraid he'll be left
    behind, it's just that Kaboot doesn't pick on him so he's not afraid to
    have his movement restricted with him loose.
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