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    Re: [RC] frantic 50 - Jim Holland

    Jeanie, you're right...every year I went to that ride, there was some
    catastrophe associated with "water".  You could just count on it.  After
    awhile, you just sorta "looked forward" to it.   I also miss it...
    Candace and Brian Bourne's old "War Eagle" ride in Auburn was the same
    way.  Seems like every year they had to reroute the dang thing because
    we always got a "monsoon" that weekend! 
    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic.
    Larry Miller wrote:
    > The Frantic 50 always
    > was an exciting ride to begin the year.  If we didn't have water problems,
    > then we got to watch Laura ride when she was 7 months pregnant!!  I believe
    > also that someone had a heart attack on trail.  If that wasn't happening
    > then we rode in mud.  One year we did that ride all in mud!!  50 miles.
    > Winning time was not very fast that year.  But you know what?  I miss that
    > ride!!!  Jeanie
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    [RC] frantic 50, Larry Miller