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  • - SandyDSA

    Re: [RC] frantic 50 - David & Maggie

    > > The Frantic 50 always
    > > was an exciting ride to begin the year.   I miss that
    > > ride!!!  Jeanie
    I live fairly close to Shawnee Forest, where the last few Frantic rides were
    held. I remember one year having trouble getting home because of the water.
    We were parked on the far side of the creek and my truck isn't 4wd, so we
    bugged out Sunday am and hauled butt for home.
    A friend was riding with me and we couldn't get across the bridge near her
    boarding barn, so I left her horse at her house in town. She just rearranged
    a few things in the garage and put Penny in there. Rode her home later.
    I drove through axle deep water in several places trying to get home.
    Love those spring rides!
    Maggie Pritchard
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    [RC] frantic 50, Larry Miller
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