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    Re: [RC] riding in the rain - superpat

    Is this a joke?????????
    Does it beg an answer??????
    You've got to be kidding!!!!!!!
    Pat (just imagining getting the doctor's OK to climb aboard again after arthroscopy)
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    Subject: [RC] riding in the rain

    Is it going to hurt my horse to ride in the rain if I have a rump rug on her?  It won't stop raining here and I am tired of waiting.  I'm also wondering, is it going to hurt me?  Because it seems like even when I have a raincoat on I still get pretty soaked.  I have heard that it is just an old wive's tale that weather can make you sick; but then why do all the colds happen when the weather changes?  And what about working muscles getting wet?

    [RC] riding in the rain, SunsetOvrC