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    Re: [RC] Panacur purge for boarded horse - C. Eyler

    You've raised another question, Susan.  [As if that wasn't to be expected.]
    I've been doing the Panacur Purge for a few years now, but I always do it in addition to the regular, every-other-month rotational worming that all the horses get, halfway in between two regular wormings.  Is that too much?  Don't want to substitute for Ivermectin since that gets the ingested bots after the first hard freeze.
    I'll pass along your compliments to the barn goddess.  Hope it makes you feel even better to know that all five places I've boarded over the years had the same policy.  There are lots of responsible BG's -- at least when it comes to worming.
    (who's had a couple of bad boarding experiences, but not related to worming)
    ----- Original Message ----- Susan G wrote:
    <snip>  I would just do the purge and ask that your kid not get the routine
    deworming that time around.  <snip>

    Please also pass along my compliments to the management that they have the
    responsibility and concern to automatically deworm all the horses on the
    property.  I wish everywhere did, and it sure is nice hearing stories of
    responsible managment. :-)

    Re: [RC] Panacur purge for boarded horse, suendavid