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    Re: [RC] riding in the rain - Tiffany D'Virgilio

    Title: Re: [RC]   riding in the rain
    on 12/14/02 8:37 AM, superpat at superpat@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

    Is this a joke?????????
    Does it beg an answer??????
    You've got to be kidding!!!!!!!
    Pat (just imagining getting the doctor's OK to climb aboard again after arthroscopy)

    I actually like to ride in the rain. We don't get much here in SoCal, and when we do it isn't real cold, so  it's kind of nice. The best thing about living here is that I don't get to ride because of the weather maybe 30 days of the year. We have this great Christmas ride to go look at the amazing lights on the other side of town on Tuesday and wouldn't you know a big storm is expected? Now that is one thing I won't do just for pleasure. A night ride in the pouring rain on city streets. They make fantastic little head and glove/shoe warmers for outdoorsman at Big 5 and the like. Great for the cold.

    To make this endurance related I am happy to report that with Vicky and I really going after a good competition year this coming season and doing our first ride at Norco, we now have at least 5 more club members who are interested in doing LD and endurance. Great!!! We now have a Mountain lion and Bear terrorizing our local mountain trails-we were buzzed by helicopters searching the other day. Don't want to meet up with either while riding alone in the early morning. Is Bear spray adequate for deterring them???
    Re: [RC] riding in the rain, superpat