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    [RC] Re:Multi Day Rides in the SE - goearth

    Personally, i think Virginia is in the SE regardless of where AERC places it.  Since i got my start on a Multi Day and think it takes a better degree of horse and horsemanship that excells in that format.  A long time ago the Fort Valley had a 2 day 100 and it went idle (and because Wayne Botts started it and died, i took his place on the OD Board for 9 years)until i first took the plunge and managed the Fort Valley 50/50.  Knowing first you need a Trail and a Vet and sometimes they come together.  Dr. Matthew Mackay-Smith was the HV the first year.  That 50/50 was so much fun we did a 3 day 150 50/50/50 the next year even tho that first year was the year the horse had to get flown off the Mtn. by the National Guard.  The 50/50/50 was such a sucess, but i don't think we made any money for the OD, we took on the 4 day 200, a 50/50/50/50 the next year. There were i think 7-8 starters and the deep SE was well representated (Who is that Lois Girl that came up here w/ a broken leg and rode 3 days til her horse was tird?).  ONE finished and the vets wouldn't allow for a BC cause the horse was sound for completion but was tired as he carried a HW, Doug Stein.There would never be a 50/50/50/50/50.  We had a format of 7 different events on the 200 and i bet there will Never be a harder course anywhere or time.  Because of the severity of the course over that many OD miles and lack of entrants it did not last and today  the Ft. Valley is a 2 day.  Many reasons...participants and the long toll and commitment and hard work for an event that only a few do.  I think if Multis  are there people will go, just not very many because its tuffer and harder on horse and rider and more things can go wrong and you gotta take care of that guy.  But it does not make sense from a practical viewpoint.  It takes people like Randy, Crockett and the Duck who have passion and purpose to do this type of thing year after year. Unfortunately, in the entire USA East there are none who have taken this plunge to commitment over time, along with a  support staff and volunteers who get their satisfaction of just doing it.. tom sites