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    Re: [RC] Ride shortages: maybe it's time... - RDCARRIE

    Am I missing something here, or just having a blonde day and not understanding (wouldn't be the first time <G>).  Are there a lot of rides out there in other regions that don't have LDs along with the longer distances?  I know there are some out west, but thought that most in the eastern part of the country had LDs as well as 50s.  Here in Central Region, pretty much every ride has LD and 50, and a few have 100s.  Several even have 12-15 mile introductory rides.  The only regular CT ride I can think of offhand that doesn't have an LD is Movin' On Up, which is a ride to encourage LDers to move up to 50s.  And this year there's a special FEI 100 mile-only ride in March.  All the rest have LDs.  Works great for my husband and me...I just moved up to 50s this year, and he just started doing rides...I ride the 50 and he rides the LD.  It lets us both have fun.
    Dawn in East Texas
    (already filling my calendar with next year's rides and wondering how I'll be able to afford to go to them all...)
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