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    [RC] horse needs transportation - Darolyn Butler-Dial

    Hi Folks, 
    Just place ad for DJB Tiffany, a 1991 Half-Arab Mare -  Located in Boring,
    Oregon, in the Classifieds, please go there if you are interested
    HOWEVER!!!!  I'd really like to get the mare transported back to Texas...
    just don't want to pay a shipper $1300 or so to do it.  If any one is coming
    this way & would haul her for around $500 or so to either Houston or north
    in Texas, or just south of Oklahoma City please give me a call at 1 800 228
    8768 or e me.  The web page about her follows as well as Bryna's (her
    present host)
    information.  Any help here is appreciated.  Just need to move her one
    direction or another.  <BG>
    Thanks, Darolyn
    Contact Bryna at:   Bryna_Cyrene@xxxxxxxxxxx for more information and
    pictures. http://www.onid.orst.edu/~malonebr/sale.html   (503) 663-7707
    Darolyn Butler-Dial & Mark Dial 
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    Represents:   Sharon Saare Saddles, Professional Choice, Advanced Biological
    Concepts,  & KM (Human Electrolytes)
    ADVOCATE :THE WHOLE HORSE TRIM (Barefootin")     
    21415 Cypresswood Dr.  Humble, Texas 77338  
            Ph:  281 446 7232    Fax 281 446 0113  Toll Free (800) 228 8768  
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