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    [RC] one more Actor who could ride....oh yea and tank heaters. - June Scheunemann & Mike Bernsdorf

    Just had to add another actor who could ride to the list. Anyone remember Richard Farnsworth???? He did alot of westerns but, he also did the movie "Sylvester"...now the movie wasn't so good but, I read that he actually did the riding when the horse was "dancing" . He was supposedly quite an accomplished rider of varying disciplines.

    also need to add to the comments on tank heaters. Here in Wisconsin we use the ones that fit in the bottom drain holes of the rubbermaid style troughs. We have had extremely good luck with them. They kept the water around 40 degrees.....and since the heater is on the bottomw of the trough we have not had any of the "kids" play with them. We do use a silicone sealer when installing them to help keep the rubber gasket from leaking. We also feed a bran mash beet pulp mixture (like warm horsey oatmeal) the mornings it is cold here. The whole gang loves it and we haven't had a problem with horses colicking when the weather changes. We feed it quite wet and the barn sounds like nothing but, a huge slurpy when all are in eating but, they love it!!!

    June (still waiting for snow here near Green Bay, Wi)

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