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    Re: [RC] Actors Who Can Ride - Tara Wheeler

    >> Now for a real laugh, watch Slim Pickens in 'Blazing Saddles'.
    > How about Lee Marvin in Cat Ballou when he is drunk and he and his horse are
    > leaning against the wall. There are several scenes when he is riding drunk I
    > laugh so hard watching him ride.
    Oh, one of my favorite movie horse stunts was done by 'Dancer' in the movie
    Burt Reynolds, as Hooper, backed Dancer up to a car with the window down and
    gave the command: 'ca-ca, Dancer, ca-ca' and up came Dancer's tail.
    Dancer also drank beer and knelt down for Burt to get off gracefully after
    being ridden bareback.
    What a great movie. . .  :)
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