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    Re: [RC] Actors Who Can Ride - David & Maggie

    > >I know William Shatner owns horses, has anyone seen him ride?
    > In "Star Trek Generations" he rides ... does some dressage moves.
    He rode one of his western pleasure Saddlebreds in the Kentucky Derby
    Pegasus Parade one year that our drill team rode. He was the grand marshal.
    I don't know if he is a good rider or not, but he didn't embarrass himself
    that day!
    Patrick Stewart (Captain Picard) also rides. There's a scene in an episode
    of the next generation where he is on a half-arab, talking about the
    relationship of the Bedouins with their horses.
    Maggie Pritchard
    Under a Shooting Star Farm
    home of USS Kehleyr, USS Fortunato, and the late USS Imzadi
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