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    Re: [RC] Actors Who Can Ride - Tara Wheeler

    Tee-hee!  I loved 'Bite the Bullet'!!  Mistakes and all, I still love that
    movie!!  Get out your shaving cream boys, we're going riding!!!  :)
    Now for a real laugh, watch Slim Pickens in 'Blazing Saddles'.
    He's riding a real nice bald faced horse (which gets ridden throughout the
    movie by damn near everybody but Gene Wilder and Clevon Little) and he
    *does* ride quite well.
    (BTW, I heard that the palomino ridden by Clevon Little ended up in a horse
    rescue outfit in California, so at least he had a good end)
    As for more recent movies, is it my imagination or does Hugh Jackman seem to
    be riding that 'carriage horse' in Central Park exceptionally well in 'Kate
    and Leopold'. . . And we're talking real close up shots here, no room for a
    I know William Shatner owns horses, has anyone seen him ride?
    Oh, and I have friends who used to board in the same stable in Houston with
    Patrick Swaze (sp?) and swear that man can ride anything well. <trying
    desperately to hold in off color comments and only barely succeeding>
    Anyone hear anything about the same rumor I did that he was involved in a
    bad horseback riding accident where he broke both legs and swamped the
    production of the movie he was working on?
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