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    Re: [RC] Actors Who Can Ride - Rides 2 Far

    Robert Duval is an exceptional rider. In Lonesome Dove there's a scene
    where he shoots a rifle off a horse and it flies into a terrific bucking
    fit.  That was him on the horse, the fit was not planned, but he rode it
    out beautifully and they left it in the movie.  Tom Cruise bought Duval a
    nice fox hunting horse as a gift after the filming of Days of Thunder. 
    Richard Farnsworth used to be a stunt man, (I've seen photos of him Roman
    riding 2 horses at a gallop, jumping from one horse to another, all that
    old Roy Rogers stunt man stuff.  He rode polo and every other type horse.
    Preferred Thoroughbreds.  He looked pretty good in Sylvester.  James Caan
    did rodeo. Wilford Bramley was a farrier.  Who was the soap star who did
    Tevis? I've got his photo on an old Tevis calander.
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