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    Re: [RC] Bucket Buddies - Laurie Durgin

    WAL, just give California to the enviornmentalist, and you all can move to Georgia and you're horses can "improve" the topsoil with horse "leavings", pick up the dumpings, cause they closed off the free dumpsters so they could charge at the dump( to improve the enviornment), and you can't take "hazardous materials there" ,(so they drop off the tires, paint cans and refriderators and comp. monitors  where I ride. But I to balance things: I put up (6 bird houses), leave 'brush piles". The crows and squirrels, and other birds have moved in to eat the grain and hay,  and manure leftovers. I was feeding my chickens leftovers, then they got fed to the possums and raccoons. (see, balance of nature.) I do have lots of springs, I try to 'divert" like away from the barn. Then the manure straw pile, it is over the pit , they buried the tree stumps in, hhhhmmm ,but springs come out of it and it starts a 'dry creek". I am making buffer zones, just to protect the  dry creek and the trees around it.  I also provide a watertrough and tarps that  the frogs breed in. Then there are all the skinks, lizards, snakes that live in and around my fallen tree piles. Of course I have the manure in my garden , lots of butterflys. Unfortunatelly I have 3 cats, so they decimate the butterfly, lizard, snake, mole poplulation.
         Lets see , sell your west coast land(you'll make a killing I hear), buy land in Ga. for 1000-6000 acre (4000-12000 an hour outside Atlanta) and up of course, the closer you get, and you can ride all day, course the "making a living " is the thing.
    Then my hay guy in Ala. says they are forcing the land prices up there  too 1500$  Acre near the Ga. border. LYou know "deliverance type country" kidding I've known lots of great southerners, they just have this "privacy rights " thing. Like "git off my land" signs.
         (TONGUE IN CHEEK OR SHOULD I SAY FOOT IN MOUTH;0) I am ducking now. . . .  
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    From: Charles
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    If there is some way to charge admission and for the ranch to make money, I
    know the perfect place.

    There are electric fences,  Hard to find water supplies, hills, cows,
    horses, deer, snapping turtles, quicksand (available by special request),
    and distance over obscure trails and obstacles.

    I nominate Grey Rock Ranch in Boyds, MD.

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    > Sure, will post next Bucket Buddies Trials when they are announced.
    > I understand they're trying to find a site for 2003 trials.
    > Since past trials have been held on federal lands it looks like it might
    > hard to have another trials because:  in many areas can't take water from
    > creek for fear of disturbing Yellow Legged frog eggs; no logs across
    > for fearing of daming creek and causing flood; no upslope movement (again
    > for fear of disturbing soil in bank which may cause disturance of
    > Blue Button Wasted Grey Hooded Purple Dotted butterfly); barbed wire
    > have to be approved before installation; bogs are considered endangered
    > habitat for various native plants; neither stumbs nor rocks can be climbed
    > on for concern of leaving scuff marks on surfaces which is in violation of
    > visual enviromental concerns; and, hot wire fencing is no longer allowed
    > after last contestant fizzled which proved to Forest Service that hot
    > can no longer be used in some National Forests for concern of frying
    > Plus all these concerns and others cannot be adequately addressed and
    > completed in the Environmetal Impact Report until the nesting season of
    > Meadow Red Neck Turnabout is complete and people can get onto the land to
    > inspect the proposed trial site.  Nesting season runs from May 1st thru to
    > April 27th.....
    us know when the next

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