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    Re: [RC] Bucket Buddies - Laurie Durgin

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    From: Laurie Durgin
    Sent: Saturday, December 07, 2002 1:23 PM
    To: Bonnie Davis; Charles; Ridecamp
    Subject: Re: [RC] Bucket Buddies
          Actually I live 15 min. from Cartiersville. Ga. ( Dallas, Ga.) I ride on private, forestryland, so do the 4 wheelers, dirt bikers, hunters, etc.(They don't mind though , as I help keep law and order, like the time I caught the guys who were coming up here to shoot their automatic weapons  got a whole carload, (they were illegal).Absentee landowners, situation. Though my neighbor knows them. The rails to trails in Paulding  is 27 miles, allows horses, though upkeep is still be worked on. Not in Cobb county, next door. You can ride on Kennnesaw Mountain.State park. (15 min. away, as is rails to trails in our county, Comet trail ,  lots of bikers though.  They opened up a new park to horses (state ) somewhere  around Rome, Calhoun? recently.   There is  Dawson Forest, Watson Bridge, Hard Labor creek, 2  at least in South Ga. : Talledeaga, Al. is  an hour from here. I think I saw about 6-8 state parks last time I checked where there are horse trails camping and corrals .  And  the Georgia Endurance Riders Assoc. has 5 , I think rides a year in Ga. Which is up to 6 hours drive at max.
      Actually there is some much undeveloped land, that is where most people ride.
    There are some trail organizations opening up and a "horse Council" to promote more trail etc.
       Guess we are somewhere between the redneck, "ride where ya want too, just wear orange," to getting organization , backing and money. Remember  only 1 in 5 Georgians  is a native.
     "things are a changin"  
      Rascal's (come on ride mom!) mom.

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