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    [RC] [Guest] Actors Who Can Ride - Ridecamp Guest

    Karen Nelson knelson@xxxxxxxxxx
    Well, this thread is fun!!! Yakima's last name is Canute (sp?).
    Roy Rogers started life as Leonard Sly-  but I think it was in Ohio, not
    Chicago-  This is often a Jeopardy item....Tommy Lee Jones not only rides
    very well, I think he raises Cutting horses and competes sucessfully on
    them.  I know Ban Johnson could ride, but I think Don Johnson also can do so
    reasonably.  Kevin Costner not only did all the riding in "Dances", he also
    bought a couple of the horses that were used in the film.  When you all
    remember (those of you my age) those Saturday afternoon movies we got to
    park in every rainy weekend, there were lots of actors who rode.  James
    Coburn, Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen was a natural athlete at anything, and
    rode as well as competed in motorcycle and car races.  James Gardner also
    did well, and was one of the NICEST people in the movie/TV world.  Still is
    today.  Tom Selleck rides also-I THINK---And ladies-  how could you miss the
    absolutely top notch guy who could drag his dirty boots across my carpet
    ANYTIME---SAM ELLIOTT?????  I heard a few years ago that he and Katherine
    Ross-also drop dead gorgeous-had bought a ranch in Oregon and were updating
    it with some serious money to raise cutting horses.....This thread is fun-
    making all of us think alot about the good old movies..Karen Nelson AERC
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