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    [RC] RC: re Arab head tossing - kellers

    I  have a arab gelding who tosses his head. He does this flippy thing to get his forelock out of the way.HA I just braid it when I ride.
    An older friend of mine,a farrier whom also raises QHs told me he sees lots of breeds of horses do this. He has QHs who do it too. What it is in his view is not  breed thing but a conformation thing. Meaning conformation of the horses head.
    He said all the horses he sees do this have small faces with lots of forelock! I guess thats most arabs!
    Yup, like a kid with long bangs.hehehe  My father-in-law says he looks like a hippy!
    If a horse flips it's head or tosses it's head during riding it most likely a heavy handed rider not the horses breed. The horse is raising it's head to avoid the bit. And some horses have lower roofs in their mouths (not sure I said that right:) ..I had a gelding we could only ride with a bosal because any bit bumped the roof of his mouth. Then again it would be conformation not breed.
    Tami and Indeed the beat nick kid!