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    Re: [RC] ebay sport saddle - Sullivan

    A caution on this one.
    Being a Circle Y verision, they merely remove the horn and call it THEIR endurance model.  It is NOT rigged like the standard Bob Marshall Inc. endurance saddle...both the rigging AND stirrup position are more forward.
    I have owned over 6 Sport Saddles, both Bob Marshall Originals and Circle Y.  I am very familiar with the differences...I have a circle Y Barrel model with horn I use to pony the babies; and yes, the stirrups are much more forward.  This position is even more forward than the Bob Marshall Orig. Training and Schooling; which is what this saddle resembles. 
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    Subject: [RC] ebay sport saddle

    this one looks pretty good. comes with a skito pad. looks suede. high pommel and cantle. no horn.
    Item # 1975280711
      Current bid:   US $640.00
    Maggie Pritchard
    I am not affiliated with ebay, the bidder or anybody else. I just like shopping and can't afford this for myself.

    [RC] ebay sport saddle, David & Maggie