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    Re: [RC] Fw: Wheres Normal? - Barbara McCrary

    I think we can just consider it part of the history of the universe.  There have been changes in weather patterns before and there will be changes again.  The best part is that man has no control over it.  If we had, there would be wars fought over what the weather should be.  The recreationalists would want fine weather always, those in agriculture would want precipitation, at suitable times, of course.
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    Subject: [RC] Fw: Wheres Normal?
    Hello,  the Shenandoah Valley had an above average winter regarding temperature in 2002 and there was a horrible bug, fly, wasp, mosquito and insectual infestation accordingly.  The Spring was of adequate rainfall and temperature and was pleasant for planting and riding.  The summer was exceptionally dry and hot.  Many more wells dried up and the well drillers were busy and a state of emergency for drought was declared by the Governor.  The fall on the other hand was below average temp. and  normal thru precipitation.  We have what is called a Green Drought.  Thats when the grass is green but the below ground water is not filled.  So for the year i think they  may call this Normal.  Who knows what the climatogolists call it.  But it ain't Normal and i may be  attuned from a gardening standpoint regarding weather abnormality and some may think me nuts but i'm not crazy. Ask an Old Timer. The pond is frozen the earliest i've ever seen it. We have a snow storm with as much snow as all of last year and the temp. is in the teens and last year at this time it was near 80, normal is 45.     Bob Dylan said.."the times they are a changin..." believe it or not. So i think you could call it El Nino or global warming or whatever,  anything but Normal tho.    tom sites

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