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    Re: [RC] Actor Who Can Ride - Barbara McCrary

    It was "Bite the Bullet"; I remember it very well....Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen, James Coburn, et al.  Hackman rode a nice chunky buckskin QH, from somewhere in Wyoming (Cheyenne?) to Denver, at a nice hand gallop.  Every scene showed him at a hand gallop.  Then in the final scenes, one could hear the labored breathing of the horse (he was exhausted, you understand), but his nostrils were quiet and not distended!  Hackman dismounted and dragged the horse across the railroad tracks at the finish line, looking surprisingly like a horse does under 2 cc of Rompun....discoordinated and staggering.  The real clincher was when Hackman stripped the saddle off the horse.  The horse was all foamy (shaving cream) in places horses do not foam, i.e. on his haunches (not between the legs and at other friction points), and he was perfectly dry under the saddle blanket!  I burst out in a howl of laughter, right there in the theatre.  Everyone turned around to see this dreadfully unfeeling woman who was laughing at the dying horse.  We walked out of the theatre as I was saying the film industry should have hired Pat Fitzgerald as a technical consultant for the endurance riding part.  The movie was based on a real incident, where the manager of the Denver Post newspaper challenged some horseback riders to run a race from Cheyenne to Denver, horses against a train.
    Barbara McCrary
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    Speaking of movies, many years ago there was a movie out about the 'first' cross country endurance race.  Can't remember who starred in it but it was in the 60's or 70's.  Think the title was "Bite the Bullet"??????  Anyone help me......the final scene of the two horses racing to the finish line was great!
    Bonnie Davis
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    Subject: [RC] Actor Who Can Ride

    I was watching the 1-hour promo for "The Two Towers"
    last night.  Viggo Mortenstern (or whatever his
    name is) who plays Aragorn rides quite well, and
    even seems to *like* riding and horses.  The cast
    was saying he'd ride on his days off to get to
    know his horse.  Deep seat, almost an old-fashioned
    "chair" position.  Very still.
    So what?
    Well, not much, really.  But he is going to be
    the star of Disney's _Hidalgo_ movie about
    Frank Hopkins, the turn-of-the-century
    endurance rider.
    It's snowing again...sigh
    Linda B. Merims
    Massachusetts, USA

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