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    [RC] Actor Who Can Ride - Linda B. Merims

    I was watching the 1-hour promo for "The Two Towers"
    last night.  Viggo Mortenstern (or whatever his
    name is) who plays Aragorn rides quite well, and
    even seems to *like* riding and horses.  The cast
    was saying he'd ride on his days off to get to
    know his horse.  Deep seat, almost an old-fashioned
    "chair" position.  Very still.
    So what?
    Well, not much, really.  But he is going to be
    the star of Disney's _Hidalgo_ movie about
    Frank Hopkins, the turn-of-the-century
    endurance rider.
    It's snowing again...sigh
    Linda B. Merims
    Massachusetts, USA