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    [RC] Head flipping - Kristi Schaaf

    I have an Arab who does the head flipping thing
    (though I compare it more to making a figure 8 with
    his head). He's also teaching it to my young horses!
    He does it when he's stressed, nervous, bored,
    frustrated, or uncomfortable. It's a habit, like
    someone who chews their nails or twirls their hair. I
    taught him to NOT do it when being ridden by tapping
    him with a crop on the side of his poll when he'd do
    it. That worked really well and we went many years
    without him doing it under saddle. He still does it at
    liberty in the pasture or paddock. Now if he does it
    while being ridden, I know that something is really
    bothering him (usually he's telling me that his bone
    spavin is acting up).
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