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    Re: [RC] Actor Who Can Ride - Claudia Provin

    Think the title was "Bite the Bullet"??????  Anyone help me......the final
    scene of the two horses racing to the finish line was great!
                Bite the Bullet - Gene Hackman, Candace Bergen, James Coburn,
    with Ben Johnson as an old-timer who just wants to be remembered as having
    done something,  and Jan-Michael Vincent as a smart-aleck youngster who rode
    his horse to death.   There was also a chestnut Arabian horse--who didn't
    win but made a good showing.    It's a very good movie--showing what happens
    when you don't care about your horse, and showing that bad things can happen
    even when you do care about your horse, and showing guys caring about their
    horses and winning.  Those two horses didn't exactly "race" to the finish
    line 'cuz everybody, man and horse alike, was totally pooped--but it was
    still a good finish.   Candace Bergen also does a good job of showing that
    women could ride, too.   Gene Hackman will touch your heart as a guy who
    really cares about horses in general.   This movie is available currently at
    a reasonable price from most Wal-Mart stores.
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      I was watching the 1-hour promo for "The Two Towers"
      last night.  Viggo Mortenstern (or whatever his
      name is) who plays Aragorn rides quite well, and
      even seems to *like* riding and horses.  The cast
      was saying he'd ride on his days off to get to
      know his horse.  Deep seat, almost an old-fashioned
      "chair" position.  Very still.
      So what?
      Well, not much, really.  But he is going to be
      the star of Disney's _Hidalgo_ movie about
      Frank Hopkins, the turn-of-the-century
      endurance rider.
      It's snowing again...sigh
      Linda B. Merims
      Massachusetts, USA
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