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    [RC] head tossing - Kathie Ford

    I thought I might jump in here. Interesting subject.  I have five mares; two are full arabs and yes they toss their heads! It is not an up and down motion though.  More like a twist and swirl (kinda like the 8-twist someone mentioned).  The arabs are related, grandma and grandaughter.  What's interesting with them is I just went to visit my friend in Hollister who has the "daughter"  and while there she was tied to a trailer for about an hour. As I watched her guess what?  yep, the same head toss.  Very strong family traits.  All three don't do this when ridden.  Granddaughter isn't broke yet.  The grandma usually does this when she is excited or anxious and I don't remember her doing it while ridden.  The quarter/arab/pinto I have doesn't display that at all.  Nor does my big Anglo or my daughters full quarter mare. Interesting huh?!  l0l....
    I have seen other horses tossing their heads in an up down way and that could indicate a problem.  And the movement is different that what I shared my horses doing.
    Very interesting I think.
    I've really never given it a second thought cause it seems to be a natural behavior for them.  Their skin, coat and general health and fitness are very good.  They all have always been sound, no white hairs or anything on the back that would indicate a problem.  No problems going up or down hill. 
    Well, supposed to rain tomorrow so I'm going riding!
    happy trails all

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