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    Re: [RC] Training horses to calm down... - Becky Huffman

    ----- Original Message ----- How to teach her not to do this? If she yields beautifully
    under some circumstances, but not others?
    Our suggestion would be, and this is what we do to prepare a new horse for endurance.  We tie them, with rope halters with no metal fittings, for hours at a time days in a row.  We tie them first to big stout trees and them trailers, hitching rails and continue this while other horses are in training around them.  When we do this we slowly start their sacking out training.  By the time these horse are done, they are pretty trained to tie all day and night.  We have found no horse to be to old for this process.  It just might take a little longer with older ones and ones that have had a bad experience.
    Thanks,Tammy Robinson
    If a horse decides not to be tied, eventually something will break, either the rope, snap, item they are tied to, or the horses neck.
    Training is the answer in 99.5% of the cases, but I would not take an unbreakable halter and lead and leave them tied for days in order to teach a horse to tie unless this is a horse you would rather have dead then loose.  Some horses have a panic button they cannot overcome.
    Some suggestions for the mare that *usually* gives to pressure would be more extensive, intensive head-lowering/giving to pressure training.  Maybe you can set the response more strongly in her.  Another suggestion would be to tie her with two ropes, one longer then the other, when the first one breaks, maybe the release will be long enough for her to come to her senses before she hits the end of the second one.  Maybe one regular rope and one bungee rope.  One thing that has worked for me in controlled environments, I don't know how you would work it in a camping situation is to use a lunge line, looped thru the tie ring, most horses will not run back over 20 ft.  when she stops, simply reel her back in.
    I have a gadget that I use to help tie-train my babies and others that need it.  It is a 4ft tie, with a knot and additional 4ft with a weight on it.  When they feel the 'end' of the rope, it isn't the hard feeling that tends to make them panic, just a little more, a little more pressure - they already know to come forward to release the pressure, but this gives them a room to think about it. They can back across the stall, and when they come forward, the weight takes up the slack.
    --just a few ideas, hope some are helpful.
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