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    Re: [RC] Training horses to calm down... - Sullivan

    I am a BIG fan of this...all mine go through this, including new mare.  I also mix up having them tied near activity versus being tied out of sight of other horses.  You end up with a horse that both ties and doesnt' paw, and isn't a nutcase when their buddies are out of sight.  Along with teaching them this...I find, with horses that have been neglected or left to their own devices, that the mental aspect of having their choices taken away (they can't run their own life all day), helps a lot with the ones who have the attitude they don't have to do what you ask....
    I also leave horses in the trailer after a ride....for about an hour, and they get to come out when they are standing quietly....I usually have hay bags in there too...

    Our suggestion would be, and this is what we do to prepare a new horse for endurance.  We tie them, with rope halters with no metal fittings, for hours at a time days in a row.  We tie them first to big stout trees and them trailers, hitching rails and continue this while other horses are in training around them.  When we do this we slowly start their sacking out training.  By the time these horse are done, they are pretty trained to tie all day and night.  We have found no horse to be to old for this process.  It just might take a little longer with older ones and ones that have had a bad experience.
    Tammy Robinson

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