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    Fwd: Re: [RC] high-lines - A. Perez

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    ---- Bonnie Davis horsecamping@xxxxxxxxx wrote ----
    > From: "Bonnie Davis" <horsecamping@xxxxxxxxx>
    > To: "Sullivan" <greymare@xxxxxxx>, "Jennifer Judkins" 
    >         <walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx>
    > Subject: Re: [RC]   high-lines
    > Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2002 18:04:29 -0800
    > Plese post to Ride Camp....
    > A horse lose on a highline is OK -- I guess.  My horses are 
    hard and fast to the highline.  They
    > can't run up and down.
    > Many years ago I was at Point Reyes and this gal put her 
    horse on a highline with a ring.  About 30
    > feet long.  The horse would pace up and down the highline.  
    Something spooked the horse, he took off,
    > past the tree and the highline lead rope snapped him back and 
    around the tree.  Broke his neck.  A
    > horse can really get a jump start if scared.  That's the 
    reason my horses are hard and fast.  They
    > can't run 'away'.  They could bolt a few feet but the head 
    comes back but not with enough force to
    > hurt neck.
    > To save all you guys posting to Ride Camp for me, my direct e-
    mail is bonnie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  
    > Bonnie Davis
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    >   From: Sullivan 
    >   To: Jennifer Judkins ; walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx ; 
    >   Sent: Friday, November 22, 2002 2:05 PM
    >   Subject: Re: [RC] high-lines
    >   Pull as tight as you can...and take sevearl wraps around 
    pole or whatever before t ying knot....
    >   Or quick and dirty method...tie from pole or whatever to 
    top of trailer...then drive forward a
    > foot!
    >   I like a ring on the high line, so the horse can walk back 
    and forth, and the water bucket can be
    > away
    >   from the food.
    >     ----- Original Message ----- 
    >     From: Jennifer Judkins 
    >     To: walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx ; ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
    >     Sent: Friday, November 22, 2002 1:21 PM
    >     Subject: Re: [RC] high-lines
    >     I was wondering how you adjust the tension on this 
    highline.  I've tried them before, like the
    > idea, but have a hard time getting the rope A. High enough 
    and B. tight enough so it doesn't sag
    > lower than the horses head over time.  I agree the high 
    picket does seem to be a good compromise
    > between tying and fencing, nothing to be destroyed by other 
    rampaging horses.  Any tips on setting
    > these up properly would be appreciated.  Jennifer. 
    >      "A. Perez" <walkergirl@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
    >       Hi:
    >       Please forward this on to Ride Camp for me......I can't 
    seem to 
    >       get anything
    >       into the message board.
    >       There are two differences between highline and picket.
    >       Highline goes OVER the horses head. Up high. At least 6 
    >       feet. A highline
    >       rope is placed between two stationary objects (I've 
    used by 
    >       highline rope
    >       over my trailer and camper roof -- pad corners with a 
    >       Distance
    >       between trees depends on number of horses to go on 
    >       Ideally, about
    >       40 feet. Horses are tied to highline with highline lead 
    ropes -
    >       - 10 feet
    >       long. A horse IS NOT allowed to move up and down 
    highline. He 
    >       stays in one
    >       spot. Horses are about 10 feet a part if buddies.
    >       I've used highlines over 30 years and never had a horse 
    >       hurt or get
    >       loose (if tied correctly). The nice thing about a 
    highline is 
    >       that the pull
    >       is up....the horse wants to get loose, he yanks back on 
    >       highline , head goes
    >       up, butt goes down, hindlegs go under and he just 
    scrambles in 
    >       one spot. He
    >       runs in a circle and he can pull all he wants and can't 
    >       hurt or loose.
    >       My horses lay down flat on the ground under the 
    highline and 
    >       when camping,
    >       will spend a week, two weeks, three weeks on a highline 
    that I 
    >       move from
    >       site to site to keep soil impact down. They are fed 
    while tied 
    >       and have
    >       water in tub near by. They are perfectly content on the 
    >       highline as they
    >       can see in all directions, move in all directions and 
    even butt 
    >       up to one
    >       another in a strange forest. .
    >       Picket. Horses are tied to with a rope chest high. Lot 
    >       packers use 'em.
    >       I don't because a horse can jump, pull back, 'panic' 
    >       and take it
    >       out. I prefer the old highline and it can be set up 
    >       easy to
    >       store and easy to use.
    >       In Nevada where there are no trees in the desert. I put 
    >       between
    >       truck and trailer. Once had a sand storm come up -- not 
    >       but it blew 
    >       pretty good. Took a couple canvases (some people use 
    >       sheets) and
    >       hung one at each end of truck and trailer. Horses had a 
    >       cozy 'stall' out of
    >       the wind. Only problem was scorpions....
    >       If you'd like to see my horses on highline, go to 
    >       www.twohorseenterprises. That's Sig and Bud highlined 
    at a dry 
    >       camp in
    >       Oregon.
    >       (Thanks for posting for me.....)
    >       Bonnie Davis
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