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    Re: [RC] what's the secret? - Trailrite

    Sorry if anyone's having problems.  We have done a lot of changes this last couple of weeks on the page.  Maybe that has been the reason for not getting through.  Please let me know if your still having problems.
    FYI, Trail-Rite will be at the Silver State.
    ALSO, We may not make the Warner Hot Springs due to it being full.  Terry said parking was limited and I missed the sign ups by being gone to the Coso Junt. ride.  So if your counting on us being there, it might not happen.  Will try and see if we can bring a small rig and squeak in that way.  I have to talk with Terry first though.

    Tammy Robinson
    Trail-Rite Ranch & Products
    18171 Lost Creek Road
    Saugus, CA 91390
    661/513-9269 or 713-3912;cell phone
    (New Up Dates!)