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    [RC] Reflective horse gear / night riding - Stephanie Muncy

                Several tack supply outfits sell relective leg wraps. I think Running Bear Farm may have them.
    Know Valley Vet Supply has them - www.valleyvet.com. listed as vinyl refective tape with velcro closures. available for legs, and one for tail. Suggestion to check bicycle, sports store good for little red flashing light that can afix to helmet, or saddle. The small light, April Johnson questioned about from Running Bear, they do work, if you don't think velcro will hold it on breatcollar - secure it with duct tape.Believe they are waterproof for most part, have known riders to use them on the OD 100, and they have to cross the river - so I'm sure they get wet. Most endurance supply catalogs carry headlights for your helmet - they're very bright and much easier to use than carrying a flashlight, plus have hands free for tacking up, if you have to in the dark.  As far as riding a 100, if you can ride a moderate pace 50, you can ride a 100, though would suggest you practice some night riding - as a few people find riding at night, makes them sick; in part an equilibrium thing with the motion and the dark.  P.S. If your going to ride at night, with something that uses batteries, carry extra ones with you.