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    Re: [RC] Hunting Season - Lif Strand

    At 06:57 AM 11/16/02, Rides 2 Far wrote:
     I only worry about the business man
    with no experience who went out and bought and expensive rifle and
    thought he'd "try out hunting" this weekend.

    Here in NM there are hunters courses - I believe it's a one day thing - that you're supposed to attend if you got your elk tag (don't know if this is true about deer, turkey, etc). Nevertheless just two weeks ago a local guide, a young man well liked in the community, was shot in the head by a hunter (not with the guide). It was quite a shock to everyone. The guide's hunter had just shot an elk and that hunter and the guide were holding up the elk's head for the trophy shot, when the other hunter saw an elk head *almost one mile away, across a canyon* and took a shot. The guide, of course, was wearing camouflage.

    An aside here - something I've been wondering about for some time. Used to be that hunters all wore orange or red. I recall from my childhood seeing hunters in red plaid all the time. Shirts, hats, suspenders - everything brightly colored. Now hunters - at least the ones I see around here, and there's LOTS of them - all wear camouflage. They work hard to look like rocks and tree trucks and bushes. Their ATVs are all painted, sometimes their trucks are too (but don't let me go down that road about hunters motoring all over the place in ATVs). When did this change occur? And why?
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    Re: [RC] Hunting Season, Rides 2 Far