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    Re: [RC] RC: Rats - Laurie Durgin

    I put rat posion pellets under the wood pallets when I stored hay in the barn. But now I store my round bales outside under tarps and the cats like to perch on the bales. The rat terrrier and the Jack Russell bring in plenty of lizards, and moles. The cat occasionally a snake. Of course they deposit all of this  on the M bedroom carpet.  Laurie and Rascal 
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    Mydogs do a better job than the cat, and that is THEIR song too...we get mice in the barn if I try to store oat hay.
    The best mouser is the pug!  Pretty funny to see a dog with no snout snapping up mice.
    I loves to eat dem mousies, dem mousies I loves to eat! I bite dey tiny heads off, and nibble on dey tiny feet!
    Lisa Salas, The Odd fArm

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