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    [RC] blaze orange/getting shot - RENESPONY

    I have looked every where to get blaze orange, halter fleece/halter tubes.
    I finally bought fabric and make my own. I put them on my nose band, and 
    breast collar. I put orange on my helmet and put orange safety tape on my 
    i ALWAYS where orange, even in the weeks BEFORE  hunting season officially 
    starts. and i have seen hunters and heard shots ring out on Sundays where 
    there is supposed to be no hunting in my state.
    does anyone know where to get orange accessories? i know they have reflective 
    safety stuff for horses in catalogs like state line, but they are yellow, and 
    don't stand out well in the woods; better for night rides in the summer.
    everyone should take the rules concerning wearing blaze orange seriously.
    last year here in Rhode Island a man shot and killed HIS OWN SON while 
    hunting on PRIVATE PROPERTY where he DIDN'T HAVE PERMISSION, with 5 OTHER 
    he shot at SOMETHING THAT MOVED. it was his son who had gotten warm and 
    removed his vest for a minute to take off his jacket.
    i just don't like idea of people running around the woods with guns and bows 
    in the best and prettiest time of the year to ride.
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