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    [RC] vitamin e /rain rot - RENESPONY

    i was trying to find the post where someone picked up on research, that found 
    horses that were deficient in vitamin E  where more susceptible to rain rot 
    and other skin problems.
    i find this interesting, because we had a problem with one horse all summer.
    it got so bad we were considering putting him down.
    he was sick all summer, stumbling over his own feet, couldn't stand up.
    we thought he had EPM, or WNV but the vet did all kinds of tests and 
    discovered he  extremely deficient in vitamin e. after shots and vitamins he 
    has recovered, and is sound enough to ride.
    he was the only one sick out of 71 horses, and was covered in rain rot all 
    summer even during the drought we had. he was kept inside too.
    i have begun to treat another rain rot case that wont seem to go away with 
    vitamin additives to his feed, and he is 75% better in just 2 months.
    You know, I really love that new spray that comes in the black bottle "EQyss"
    micro tek. we have tried every thing but really like that stuff. And they 
    make a medicated shampoo to go along with it.
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