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    In a message dated 11/13/2002 5:38:53 AM Pacific Standard Time, Suvut@xxxxxxx 
    <<  But the ads 
     on TV were very powerful images that implied abuse. It passed.>
     Well, sorry about that!  I don't know anything about this amendment, but if 
     it improves conditions for these poor hogs, SO WHAT IF IT COSTS THE HOG 
     FARMERS MONEY!!!  I don't want to incur any flames here, but IMO, quality of 
     life for these poor animals should count for more than $$$$$.....    >>
    I think there is a broad line between abuse of the animals and not keeping 
    them in the lap of luxury on the way to slaughter.  The amendment supporters 
    implied abuse by the farmers when I do not believe there was any in order to 
    appeal to those who care about animals.  These are animals raised for food.  
    They need not be abused - indeed they are not in most cases - and the farmers 
    do not need the input of those who, in reality, just want them out of 
    business and a nation of avowed vegans.  Sorry.  I love my dog and my horses. 
     I also love my bacon and my pork chops.  I believe this amendment was a 
    "foot in the door" of those who would take away even your right to own and 
    ride a horse, let alone chomp on some good jerky as you go down the trail.  
    Scott (an avowed omnivore)
    Solitaire (Thank God he's not Belgian.....)
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