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    Re: [RC] Quality of Life Vs. Money - Maggie Mieske

    This is exactly what happened to a client of ours.  Some busybody neighbors
    called the local animal control because a couple of the horses looked
    bad...one was a horse Nelson had been working on for a long time.  She had
    broken coffin bones (the tips were deteriorating), was constantly abcessing
    and required expensive therapeutic shoeing (which we gave her at cost for
    materials for special packing and glue on shoes).  Yeah, she should have
    been put down but the two times the vet came to do it, she ran to the back
    of the pasture and could not be caught.  Hmmm....she had some muscle atrophy
    and could not move well (except when the vet came to put her to sleep) and
    was SPOILED rotten.  She also had a carbohydrate intolerance and they had to
    watch her weight so she didn't get too heavy.  What did the animal control
    people do when they came to look?  No one was there.  So they offered her
    GRAIN.  Jerks.  The other was an older pony with Cushings.  They required
    her to take both horses to MSU for evaluation or they would order the horses
    destroyed (never mind that she had 15 other very healthy and happy horses on
    the premises).  Never mind that Nelson AND the lady's vet came out and met
    with them and explained the horses' problems.  It was ugly.  She did take
    them to MSU and spent a ton of money with more X-rays.  She ended up putting
    the one mare down as X-rays revealed her feet were even worse....there was
    no cure.  But we just felt that it was the OWNER'S decison to put them down.
    It was not ours or anybody else's place to force them to do so.  It was
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    [RC] Quality of Life Vs. Money, Carolyn Burgess