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    [RC] [Guest] No. San Diego county boarding question - Ridecamp Guest

    Valerie Power vgpower@xxxxxxx
    I have a question for anybody who can help me. I have just moved from San
    Luis Obispo area to Vista (near Carlsbad and Oceanside in Northern San Diego
    county) and I need to find a place to move my horse to, but I want a place
    with trail access, and large paddocks or pasture.  The closer to Vista the
    better, but I would be willing to drive longer for the right place.  Does
    anyone on the list live down here, and if so where do you ride?  I don't
    have a trailer, so I'm trying to find a place that is adjacent to some sort
    of open space.  I'm not an endurace rider,  I just like trails.  Please
    reply to me at vgpower@xxxxxxx if you have any leads.
    Thank you!
    Valerie Power
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