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    [RC] Cushioning problems -Opinions on Sheepskin pads please. - Laurie Durgin

    Rascal's mom again. >sigh<:{  
    Came back after 1.5 hour hill ride yesterday with daughter. My "nonslip "pad (tacky tack) (which up to this point hadn't slipped all summer except  a inch or two at the Talledega ride). Did (ah,  heck with grammer). Anyhow... The vet at the ride said  he was a tad sore at end of saddle, I probably should add more cushioning ,tacky-tack is only 1/2-3/4 thick. (first, she said: saddle seems to fit well, Longreach Endurance , aussie saddle).
    So I am on a cushioning search.
    Yesterday ,we added an english foam cushioning pad. Both pads slipped right out by the time I was on the way home. I dismounted and walked carrying the pads (also notice girth was hanging 2-3 inches. Duh. girth must have really loosened up. I usually have to walk and retighten. I did , but I guess, not enough.
    Someone nicely suggested an  impression pad, but 200$$ is a lot for my family. I am trying to solve this problem for a 100$ or less, IF POSSSIBLE. Course I'd sure hate to buy 4 60.00$ pads. (husband will kill me over these horses yet.) 
     1 I will add ties to my tacky -tacK  to tie to saddle like a lot of aussie pads have, so if I add another pad they won't walk each other out.
    2)  I may make cover for the english cushioning  halfpad with ties so it doesn't "walk" out again.
    3) I also am considering other pads. I noticed at Talledeaga someone had a tacky-tack, with another pad ,I think it had sheepskin, for that reason. He was doing the 60.
     I have seen sheepskin  on ebay and at vendors. So I probably could find one new or used. QUESTION: How do you care for them? How long do they last? Do they work for a cushioning problem?
       I called the saddle manufacturer, Down Under Saddle , and they suggested a woolpad with ties they made, but am not sure it is "good enough" for the time and hills I ride him on.   I have a 3/4 inch diamond wool pad, but it slips too.; again I could make a cover with ties or cut into ,it bind it add ties and try that. (probably will, since I already own it, at least to try. )
         I did try to use my toklat barrel, but the silly thing is too long for the saddle.
    My saddle is 22.5 inches long, and  39 wide for flaps(side to side). He is so shortbacked I can't have anything much longer than the saddle. A large dressage may fit, but many pads are too long for him! He is 14.2 1/5 maybe he needs pony size!!!
    I NEED SOMETHING FOR GOOD SHOCK ABSORBSION,SUGGESTIONS FOR THIS PROBLEM, AND WHERE AVAILABLE WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED. ( I hope against all hope I could defy the odds and solve this  quickly so I can get ready for my January ride.) Thanks , Laurie and Rascal the pad dropper.


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