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    [RC] Coso Junction Jam-PS - desrtrydr

    Just a reminder folks, Coso Junction Jam 1 & 2 is fast 
    approaching!  The ride will be November 9th & 10th.  
    Experienced ride management, well marked trail, good 
    vets, plenty of water, good food, great awards, and TWO 
    days of riding with a holiday on Monday!  What more 
    could you ask for?  Base camp is the same location as 
    the Geo Bun Buster Ride, ample parking, easy access, gas 
    station, convenience store, Taco Bell for your fast food 
    fix, and free RV waste dump.  The trail is moderate and 
    varied, with beautiful desert vista's, amazing geology, 
    and a close view of Haywee Reservoir, which is a 
    Wildlife Preserve.  Ride management is the same as the 
    Fire Mountain Ride, as well as the Geo Bun Buster, and 
    rest assured they are working hard to provide the best 
    possible, well marked trail with accurate mileage.  Our 
    weather has been beautiful, with high's in the mid 70's, 
    and low's in the mid 40's.  Great opportunity to secure 
    those end of season miles and points!  So, come on out 
    and join us!  For entries, contact Sue Benson at (760) 
    371 - 3285, or desrtrydr@xxxxxxxxx  Please note, the 
    email address in the October Endurance News Ride 
    Calendar is not correct.  There is also a link from the 
    AERC Website Ride Calendar with a complete PDF ride 
    entry form.
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