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    Re: [RC] Young Riders-You had to do it, didn't ya! - EgyptianMirage

    >>If I may be forgiven one more reply, as this has been said so often:
    that is a classic example of the fallacy known as the "Fallacy of the
    Excluded Middle."  It suggests that a child is either riding endurance
    rides, or sitting on a couch getting no exercise -- it allows for no
    other "in-between" situations.  In reality, any child who would do an
    endurance ride is obviously riding horses other times, in other
    situations -- but not riding 50 or 100 miles at one time.  Having to
    wait a year or three to do his first endurance ride isn't depriving
    him of exercise.<<

    Oh, Joe!  You had to do it, didn't ya?  And, ofcourse, you had to know that I would respond! LOL

    Okay, here goes!  

    And, of course, any child that is in a ski competition or a soccer match or a baseball game, is obviously doing these activities at other times as well.  That's the beauty of getting your children interested in something else other than TV or video games!  I do agree with you there!!

    However, getting on with my point, I can't imagine allowing my children to practice to excel every day in a sport that they love, let's use soccer, just to bring them to a soccer match and tell them they can't play or compete for another 3 years!  Talk about, my own personal opinion ofcourse, insane!  Let's just start teaching are children at a young age that they are far too immature to do things no matter what their capabilities are!

    You can, as we have been doing often, respond personally!

    Ginger  (Love ya, Joe!)