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    Re: [RC] Pacing at Vetting alowed? - Maggie Mieske

    My sister has ridden gaited horses at rides and there are some vets out there who don't realize that they are "gaited" and need to be told so.
    When I first read the subject line, I was thinking something different (duh, one of those days) and since I had the thought and have often wanted to ask about it, here it is...
    In my limited years as an endurance rider I have had a couple, maybe three occasions when I have seen horses being "made to trot out"....as in being chased, etc.  At a ride this year, one horse even refused to leave the vet check at its time out and it took several people chasing this horse and waving things at it to make it leave.  I personally frown on this.  I am sure there are some vets who might not even allow such a horse to continue or at least would not allow the forcing of it to leave.  So, I'm jumping in here and may open a can of worms and may tick some people off but does anyone else see anything wrong with this scenario? 

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