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    Re: [RC] Round Bales + Deaths(?) - Laurie Durgin

    Well, he  is a diligent  hardworking farmer, and likes to socialize as much as he does sell the hay. He turns down "big guys" who want to grab up his extra hay in a bad year, (he saves 250 bales for his own cattle first then sells the rest.) because he has regular little people who consistantly buy from him. In poor years and plenty. We have a regular source and he knows he can sell all his hay at the same price every year to the same people. It's a customer loyalty thing. It is good enough hay for us little guys, On a scale of 1-10 probably a 7 or 8.I have never found mold inside his bales, except one time in 3.5 years, in one bale. If our income level was higher I would gladly "pay " for the ability to have the very best of everything for my horses and my kids, heck the dogs and cats too. :} , but I can't and I judged the risk very low. Where my property is located we have a much more likely risk of a lighting strike,but I live with those odds too. (and this is the lady whose daughters favorite pet cockatiel fell into a cup of water and drowned when we left the room for 5 minutes.) Laurie and Rascal (the plug, well, today anyway:}
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    >>>It is good hay , cut properly and stored
    > in a barn till I get it.

    If my hayman can get the hay up just right, he square bales it for top
    dollar. If it gets a light rain on it or something he'll say, "this ain't
    fit for horse hay, we're going to round bale it."  I wonder if that's not

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