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  • - C. Eyler
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  • - Laurie Durgin

    [RC] RM disqualifications - C. Eyler

    Dream on.  After four years of working (vet recorder, timer) at 3 to 6 endurance rides per year, what I've mostly seen is ride managers who may be uncomfortable with something but cannot or will not risk the likely backlash from disqualifying a rider.
    Just saw a new wrinkle.  A rider came in after a very slow first loop on his first-ever ride (30-miler).  And riding next to him was his experienced endurance rider wife.  When I expressed surprise that she was not on my official list of starters, she told me she was just riding along to keep him company.  I reported what I'd observed to the ride manager and found that she already knew about it -- she'd been getting heat from folks who thought this rule violation required action on her part and getting equal amounts of heat from folks who thought it should be ignored because his wife clearly was not pacing him.
    And ride managers are supposed to make a decision about whether or not a parent is pushing a kid too hard?  Yeah, right.
    I am not a member of AERC
    but do have children.  I hope to do an LD endurance
    ride this coming year (my first).  I agree with having
    no minimum age requirements set...leave that to ride
    management...or pull the parent/child team should the
    parent make poor decisions on any particular ride.
    That would be much better...allowing good parents and
    their children to ride...and "pulling" the others on
    an "as needed" basis.

    RE: [RC] Very Young Children in AERC Riding, Val Nicoson