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    Re: [RC] Pacing at Vetting alowed? - FASTGraphic

    In a message dated 10/27/2002 8:10:39 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
    mmieske@xxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
    <<  So, I'm jumping in here and may open a can of worms and may tick some 
    people off but does anyone else see anything wrong with this scenario?   >>
    My girl can get a little sluggish at trotting in hand toward the end of a 
    ride - but most of the vets I've met in my rather limited experience give me 
    time to get her going.  I would frown as well on having to haze the poor 
    girl, but I suppose it is up to the vet to decide if the horse is just being 
    lazy or needs to quit and rest?  I have been working on getting her to trot 
    freely when I am not on her, and it has been WORK!  LOL  She is slowly 
    getting it though.  I think it is one of the "not so much fun" things riders 
    need to work on if their mount doesn't just naturally get it!
    Scott (C'mon, Solitaire, let's trot!)
    Solitaire (you're an idiot and I'm not chasing you while that strange vet 
    looks at my butt...)
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