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    Re: [RC] Pacing at Vetting alowed? - EgyptianMirage


    First I have to say that having a pacer is extremely uncommon here in California and I find it fabulous!  My husband had a pacer, unfortunately we lost her due to a twisted gut, but he loved her and couldn't find another to replace her.  Instead he purchased another standardbred that was a trotter and, even though he thought that he could never love a horse as much as he loved his "Vesper", he was proven wrong!  His trotter has become the new love of his life!  How fickle!  LOL   

    Let me tell you our experiences with his standardbred.  If you let the vet know from the beginning that your horse is a pacer, they will be more apt to understand their trotting patterns.  If you run across a vet that still is concerned and doesn't understand the way a pacer trots out, ask the vet to have another vet take a look at her/him.  Usually this solves the problem.  This is what we have found and this is how he has learned to handle it.  I don't see any problems if you keep this in mind.

    Oh, and by the way, his standardbred is doing fabulously!  It takes her a bit longer to pulse down, but then again, she is much larger than the typical Arab!

    Good luck to you and your beloved horse!