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    Re: [RC] Pacing at Vetting alowed? - Laurie Durgin

    The vets are looking for lamness  and fatigue ,not to see if you horse has an ablility to trot. There are often a variety of gaited horses at rides and they don't all trot.I'm sure you won't have a problem, and a much easier ride:}
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    From: kit kat
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    Subject: [RC] Pacing at Vetting alowed?
    I know that you have to do a trot out at the vetting.  But.. the thing is..
    im going to be using a standardbred mare that DOES NOT trot.  She only
    paces.   Is that going to be an issue for my vetting?  Or is pacing ok?  I
    dont want to find out that its going to be an issue.. thats why i ask this
    now before i put the miles into her.  Thanks so much:)

    Sarah + penny + zac
    Chilliwack BC, Canada

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