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    Re: [RC] beet pulp - choke - Heidi Smith

    > JMO, but because beet pulp has a "tag" of causing choke, I think it
    > choke comes up more in conversation than would a choke caused by any other
    > feed.  My limited veterinary experience at the CSU teaching hospital has
    > been similar to what Heidi reported---pelleted feeds of any kind, hay,
    > grain, foreign objects (like a chunk of carrot) and so on.  Although I
    > deny that it happens, I haven't seen one case of beet-pulp associated
    > at the VTH, despite having done a search of past choke records and this
    > being an area where A LOT of beet pulp is fed (this being one of the areas
    > where it's grown).
    Another thing to consider is that dental issues are a predisposing factor
    for choke, and beet pulp is often utilized as a roughage source for horses
    who can't chew anything.  While I have yet to see a beet pulp related choke,
    the two horses on my place who eat it as their primary roughage source are
    also the two who would be at the highest risk for choke in the first place,
    because they are practically toothless.  Another risk factor for choke is
    fatigue.  A tired endurance horse at a vet check at 80 miles is more prone
    to choke on ANYTHING than he would be at home.  Stress and poor eating
    habits can also be predisposing factors.  (And dental problems are often at
    the root of gulping and other poor eating habits--something to think
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