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    [RC] beet pulp - choke - Laura Hayes

    Angie wrote:<<I've been amazed how many times I've heard the words "choke"
    and "beet
    pulp" in the same sentence.  A friend of mine's young horse choked on
    well soaked beet pulp that she had left over after an endurance ride...so
    you know it was really soaked.  It doesn't make sense, but this isn't the
    first, or 2nd case I've heard of.>>
    In 40 years of horse ownership, I have had two cases of choke - both on beet
    pulp, soaked well.  In 20 years of large amimal veterinary experience, my
    husband has had only 5 or 6 cases of choke, all but two were on beet pulp.
    I feed it, but I am careful to keep the horses from wolfing it down.  I have
    just three horses and I feed out of ground feeders and stay right there to
    keep them from fighting over it and gulping it.  In my experience, it is
    more likely to cause choke than other foods I have fed my horses.
    Laura Hayes AERC #2741
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