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    [RC] Mom of young riders - Roxi Anderson

    While following this thread I've bounced from yes AERC should make a minimum age requirement to no there are enough rules to yes to no to yes......but what I've come up with is this.  As a mom of young kids I was very glad when I was racing in the South that there was a minimum age requirement of 8.  Took the pressure off me.  Yep, I'm such a pushover Mom when it comes to horses.  So, it was easy, "Sorry Honey, rules are rules and you aren't old enough"  Whew.  Then all of a sudden they become old enough!  The responsibilities of being a parent and keeping our children safe without making them terrified of the world is overwhelming.  I think my parents were very lucky to be horse ignorant when I was growing up because they did not have the horrible feeling in the pit of their stomach each time I climbed on my horse at the age of 9 that I have when my girls take off on their horses.  Yep, ignorance is bliss sometimes.   However, I do know that accidents  can happen when you climb on something with a mind of their own, but on the flipside I also know the shear joy of having that same animal become your best friend, confidant and partner.  But, I never thought of the physical side of riding young.  What problems it would cause my children later in life.  I would like the AERC to get their legal department to look into the liability that a rule such as minimum age would place.  But, just as stated by others.  Reguardless of the age of your child, 2 or 18 or whatever the age, we as parents will always feel the deep regret of allowing our children to be put in certain situations if there is an injury.  Shoot, I allowed my 12 yr old to go out riding the other day on a beautiful spring like day by herself only to get a phone call from a farmer on a cell phone that he was out in a field with my daughter who had been dumped off her horse.  Yep, you bet I felt guilty for allowing her to be out there by herself without me as we were flying to the emergency room.&n bsp; My 17 year old did her first unsponsored endurance ride this summer in a completely different state then I was in, you can bet I was a wreck with worry.  Each time I've taken my kids with me on endurance rides I've kept my fingers crossed and said my prayers that 'ol Salty would be sure footed and keep them safe.  One daughter did her first race at the age of 9 while the other was 14 I believe.  I must admit, I can't imagine taking a 5 yr old on a 25 mile endurance ride let alone a 100 but only because of the other riders.  I guess I'm very wishy washy on this subject and am anxious to see the outcome.   I think this is just one more step towards taking away responsibility for ourselves and our family.  Or I guess what I'm saying is one more step towards not being held accountable for our own actions.   Just the way the world keeps heading I guess.  Makes me wonder though if my kids would be who they are if they didn't have the privilidge of owning a horse and r iding so young.  But, I guess riding young and racing young are 2 different things.  But I personally do take exception to being told what I can and can't do with my children.  But I also know there are kids that need to be protected from their parents.  Yep, I'm very wishy washy on this subject.  As if I even have the right to say a word since I let my membership lapse this year.  WHOOPS!  I promise to renew for 2003!!

    See what happens when you are on 72 hours with no sleep.  You stop lurking and start babbling!!!!

    Hey Steph, what happened to your results on the Owyhee 5 day ride?!!!  As if you don't have enough to do!!!!


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