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    Re: [RC] Ringer Horses in NC - Carolyn Loedeman

    For the past 2 years at the IAHA nationals that has been a concern and now at the natioal level, and most of the regionals that I am at (although its harder to bring in one when most know you at that level) all horses are checked in using a passport or copy of papers to verify that we have that horse.  One thing that has come up that alot of greys look alike, and a chip or a brand would work great. 
    IAHA steward at the nationals for 5 of the last 6 rides.
    Carolyn Loedeman
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    Subject: [RC] Ringer Horses in NC

    "Minutes from the AERC BOD Meetings Feb. 28-March 2, 2002 in Reno

    Board of Directors Meeting
    February 28, 2002  Reno, NV "


     "There is a concern that in the National Championship this year there was a feeling that some ringers were brought in.  The horses that were supposedly qualified were not the ones that were brought in instead of ringers and the possibility at some future date there will be chips inserted in our horses so that we will know exactly who is there. "

    I posted this to RC about a month ago when I saw it in the minutes on the AERC web page  and find it completely incredulous that not one person has asked about this or finds it worth talking about . Obviously somebody had a good idea that some cheating was going on and wants to do something about it . Has anyone heard anymore on this ?

                                 Drin Becker

                                Mtn Region

    [RC] Ringer Horses in NC, Drin Becker